Lost all my mobile tabs

I opened up the Brave app today and every single one of my tabs was gone. Some of them are quite old, so I can’t see them in my history. No idea what caused it, I had just looked at them earlier in the day. My phone didn’t crash, the app didn’t crash, maybe it was an update? No clue how to reproduce it either, as this has never happened to me in my years of using Brave.

This happened on version 1.63.2, on an iPhone 14.

Same problem here. Just lost for the second time about a dozen tabs. No only the last two are there. I just switched between apps when this happened. First there were about a dozen and when switching back only the last two. Interestingly this only happens on my ipad not on my iphone (version 1.63.2 on ipados 17.4.1 on mini 6)

I lost all my tabs yesterday in my mobile app. Never had a problem until now. My phone did an iOS update 3 days ago and im to date on the app version. How do I restore the tabs? I had a lot of links that I occasionally refer back to but some I haven’t accessed in a while so they’re not in the history. I really want my tabs back. I’ll obviously start saving them as bookmarks but I can’t remember them all.

Again, I lost all open tabs (ipados 17.5, Brave 1.65)

It happened while opening a link from another app in my default browser Brave which was running in the background at the time with 8 open tabs)

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