I lost ALL of my tabs in Brave, theyre all just GONE and I need them back. This is my first problem with Brave and it is a serious one indeed

Description of the issue:
I lost ALL of my tabs in Brave, theyre all just GONE and I need them back. This is my first problem with Brave and it is a serious one indeed. Any help PLEASE.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Cant
  2. Nor do I want to

Expected result:
Idk disaster?

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Dont have “about brave”

Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

Once again, you’ll need to provide more information in order for us to help you with your issue.

  • What were you doing when you lost the tabs?
  • How many tabs did you have open?
  • Did you close/quit the browser when losing these tabs or did the browser crash?
  • What type of Android device are you using? You do have an About Brave section, go to Menu --> Settings --> About Brave.
  • Do the lost tabs show up in History or Recent Tabs (both of these options are available from the main menu)?

I was viewing a website. Opening it from Facebook, choosing a browser, I chose Brave, which I will not be choosing any longer and will delete off of my Android if this cant be solved. Like in Chrome, I had over 100 tabs, but unlike Chrome which kept all the tabs, they were all lost in Brave. I didnt close or quit or crash anything. Brave is still open with only one tab available.

Brave 1.4.2

Recent Closed tabs, I did close those 2 myself, but there was over 100 there, now all gone.

I think when I closed the one FB tab, this was around the time all 100+ tabs closed.

Full history, I did have all 100+ tabs yesterday.

If all of your 100+ tabs that you lost are preset in History, you can long press on a site to enter “bulk” select mode – in this view, check all the appropriate sites, click the “more” menu on the top-right of the screen and select “Open in new tab”.

If that’s the only way, I will copy the URL & paste into Chrome, Duck Duck Go, or any other browser other than Brave. Again I never had this serious problem with any other browser but Brave. If I reactivate the sites within Brave, what is to stop Brave from screwing me again. These responses aren’t getting to the root of the problem, a very serious problem with Brave, and people need to be warned about this very serious flaw with Brave.

there have been no serious flaws in brave as per my usage
I open a lot of tabs too and have lost some at times
worse is i have almost always narrowed them down to my uncanny use of tabs and new windows on just 2 gig of ram
not just brave chrome breaks down under load way worse with black screens frozen tabs and popups
Oth brave works way better and reliably as it has a smaller footprint all the while delivering cleaner webpages
Maybe brave’s session management needs to be even more refined for heavy usage scenarios
@Android can you elaborate more on what else was going on in your phone when brave lost tabs
Your issue is hard to debug as your case is unique enough
but hey
Brave is getting better with every release
even sync is expected to be better if not new features next release


While I do apologize that you lost your tabs, I was able to view, select and open my last 100 tabs in History in ~2 minutes or so. I understand and agree that you shouldn’t have to go through that work but I’m also not sure what you’re expecting. I cannot bring your tabs back nor can anyone here.

I will forward this information to the Android team but again, there’s not a lot of information to go off of here.

:point_up: I am unable to reproduce this in any way. Viewing websites, navigating Facebook, closing/reopening Brave with 100+ tabs is working just fine (even if very slow due to the 100+ tabs). I apologize for the inconvenience.

Openbot you may be singing a different tune if you lost all of your tabs in Brave. It was fine until then. It is a Fatal (100%) flaw with me that apparently cannot be corrected. After I copy and paste all URLs into another browser, I will delete the Brave app.

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