All tabs deleted suddenly

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Description of the issue:
I opened brave and found that all my tabs had suddenly disappeared/been deleted automatically. I tried relaunching brave multiple times but this did not resolve anything.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Automatic tab deletion not to occur
  2. Restore window option implemented, not only singular tabs using history

Expected result:
All my tabs to be restored.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Latest version.

Mobile Device details
iPhone 11

Additional Information:
I had a lot of important tabs and want them back.

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Sorry for that. Is it App version 1.60?

Sorry, my mistake. App version 1.58.2, not the latest version.


I have the same problem. Can it be recovered? I see my brave app is still holding 170mb of data in my iPhone

Are you on 1.60 or 1.8.x?

I’m on 1.60 (

Strange thing is that I just synced the phone that lost all the tabs to another phone.

Under sync internals, both phones are showing different number of sessions. I do believe since there is still 170mb sitting on my iOS that the tabs are still there maybe.

I will try to access the iOS brave files from a windows computer. Maybe I can at least transfer it to my brave browser on the computer.

Any better ideas lol? Thanks in advance.

Can they be restored?

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I habe the same problem: After a new start of Brave all my tabs are gone.
This is really annoying and I really lost some good links.
I run the version:
Version 1.60 ( on a iPad Pro.
The behaviour started with this version.
I also have the question: Is there by any chance an easy way to restore the lost tans?


I have the same problem also an iPad Pro 2021 + Version 1.6.0. I lost about 250+ tabs or something. The app still uses almost 1gb of storage on my iPad so they have to be somewhere. No windows are open and my history still exists.

Same with my storage, still a lot taken up and history there.

i have the same problem all tabs are gone whem i close Brave
and start it again latest version 1.60 (

Can you upgrade to 1.61 and let us know if this has been fixed for you?

i already using 1.61 (

Thanks Michal, you’re the best. I got them all back after a few days

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Hi I had this same issue, and around the same time my tabs came back. But the next day they all disappeared again. Has this happened to you or anyone else?

Yes. That happens to me. I’ve figured out it has to do with lack of storage on the device.

I’m having this issue consistently as well. ive lost hundreds of tabs.

Try updating the browser and wait a few days

Sometimes the issue is caused by the browser crashing, so it’s best to keep it closed if you have a lot of tabs.

Once it crashes, you have 1 chance the next time you open the browser to click the restore button.

Happened to me too.
iOS 17.2.1, Brave 1.62 (

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