I lost 20 bat why?

Today i click get new rewards and i have 3.7bat before i have about 22 what is that ? Why i lost 20bat ?
Android phone. I have only march rewards what about rewards for other month ?

Your auto-contribution maybe ON. Go to Reward Settings > Auto-Contribute, toggle it to OFF. Maybe, that will help.

Auto-Contribute was disabled all the time and i didnt tip anyone.I am so confused

Do you have a verified Uphold account?

Nope.I dont have verified uphold account

Well that’s an issue, previous month I got 20 BAT out of nowhere and you lost 20 BAT :thinking: @eljuno

Hi @Mizgracz - was this 20 BAT from a Brave Grant? If so, the BAT disappears after 90 days of no use.

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good day to you, i have that issue as well, the thing is, my auto contribute was on but it wasn’t specified … ive been losing BAT for days now, this just started happening recently, last week i think, but weeks before that it has happened every so often.
today ive noticed that ive lost a huge amount of BAT last night i had 92 not this morning i have 74, then 20 minute ago i ended up with 70!? what do you think the problem is?

Turn off your auto-contribution.

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