I keep losing my passwords every time I log in

After Windows 10 was updated several days ago I began losing my Brave passwords every time I log in. So, I thankfully saved (export) before, so I import them but this didn’t happen before this Windows update. Is it coincidence? If yes, what do I do to lock all my passwords in place on Brave and if not, how do I lock my passwords anyways on Brave? I shouldn’t be doing this every single time I log into Brave now when it never happened before.

I do the same thing I’ve done before when I log off my computer in reference using CCleaner, etc. nothing different but now, again, after I updated Windows 10 it’s happening every single day. It’s kind of annoying to having to import my passwords from a file!

NOTE: I’m not very technical so, I’ll need a walk through steps to handle this. I see that Brave is set to save my passwords, so, it’s not that.


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Can you check Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data --> [on exit] and see if the Passwords option is checked? if so, you may be inadvertently clearing your passwords when you close the browser.


Thanks for responding.

I checked that area before, I went back and “Passwords and other sign-in-data” is “none” - no check mark on that box.

Any other place I could check to make sure my passwords are ‘locked’ and not lost every time I restart my computer, please? Bear in mind it started happening a few days ago, before that I had no issues with restarting my computer and losing all my passwords.


Hello could you not use CCleaner and see if it work fine

Thanks, however, I’ve had CCleaner for years with the same settings, however, I’ll give it a try.

But, now that I think about it, not every time I restart my computer I do the Ccleaner, but for the several days every time I restart my computer suddenly I lose my Brave browser passwords, so, it can’t be the Ccleaner for I only use it before bedtime when I’m ready to shut my computer.

you welcome but not sure if you tried it or not

i really do not understand there a contradiction here or i miss something

There’s no contradiction on my part. I’ve always used CCleaner without any issues until now.

Could it be something directly with the Brave browser that’s unlocking my passwords?

to get out of the circle is it hard to stop using ccleaner for just one day then try and see if the issue solved or not

we do not know your configuration and your ccleaner settings and many factor and you also said it happened after windows update

so as we try to help could you do the same and help us to help you

so we try to troubleshot the issue to know what is the cause of it

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The CCleaner settings have not changed. And as I said before, it began several days ago. CCleaner’s setting is set to not remove any passwords. All this happened right after the Windows 10 updated on my computer. If it’s a coincidence or not it’s why I’m coming to you guys for help. On and off Brave’s passwords disappear like magic and I have to import them over and over… maybe a glitch on Brave browser? It could happen, you know. If anyone here had the same experience as I do, please kindly share what was done to stop this from continuing or at least to LOCK all passwords on Brave browser settings so that they won’t go away. Something’s causing it to keep removing it even when I’m using my computer.


in case if we exclude any other issue on your side then

the only thing i found online is that


so it on microsoft

So, what I thought it was seems to be the problem: Windows 10!!

I don’t use that Microsoft Edge nor Google Chrome, in this case, how do I LOCK my passwords on Brave if there’s such a thing?

Sorry, guys, but I’m not very ‘technical’ (62 years old lady) and would need some help here if I can… sort of step by step for locking Brave passwords?


we can not be sure what the cause unless you try to help us with what we offer you earlier

the first thing was to disable ccleaner then import password then restart and see if the password still there or not

and have a nice day

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