I installed software from Google that Brave warned me against installing


I installed some sort of video player software which seems to be from google, and brave warned me of trusting it. I have experienced a faulty browsing experiencing since I installed it. When I click on a link, a new tab auto opens. I forgot the name of the software because I thought it was probably nothing. Before installing, this did not happen. Can anyone tell me how to remove it please?

Connect to a UK VPN (if you are not in the UK) first, then you can go to “https://www.my5.tv/inside-asda-bigger-better-cheaper” click play, and a prompt will show you to either allow or not allow a sort of software on your browser, IF you have not installed it yet.

Windows 10 - Version 1.15.75 Chromium: 86.0.4240.99 (Official Build) (64-bit)

if it extenstion then you will find it here

go to brave://extensions/

and look for it or remove the one that you did not installed by yourself

hope that help and have a nice day

Thanks, but It is not an extension from what it seems. It was prompted from the security logo. Screenshot 2020-10-16 184158|51x36

that mean you checked and you did not find it there?

and what about this lock icon image what i could get from it :joy:

I am not sure if it is in the certificate category. I was hoping you could visit the site I listed above and receive the same prompt, then tell me about it.

go to the setting on your windows and check all apps there it will list the apps with the date it installed on it

i am using linux while you are in windows so why i try it

It is not there. It seems you don’t want to access the site I listed above?

I want to make it clear, that I was unable to play the video from the above site, until I gave permission to allow that software or whatever it is to be used on my browser

i have the same experiance it does not load the video but it did not asked me to install any software even i disabled the shield

Okay. If you are not in the UK, can you use a VPN so the site grants you access? Then you should get the prompt. This site is british so it has a geo lock on vids. This should get you the prompt.

i do not have option for vpn in uk so i leave that for one of the brave team

but did you tried this

You can reply with the new info instead of editing your previous responses. All good. Yeah it’s not there. Thanks for trying!

i did not edit my post if i edit it
you will see the pencil icon above my post

and i resend my quote as you did not respond about it

anyway good luck

Yeah I noticed. But you and I know what you originally said. No matter

It seems that no one is able to help?

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