Dont opening videos

hello . excuse me . i cant open any movie and video on the sites . when i open it : it has sound but nothing is sharing on screen . thank you

Hey ali_akbarzade.offici,

Can you give me your Brave version? Based on your your tags, I assume you’re on Windows 10?

hello Adrian
yes, I’m working with windows 10. my brave version is v.1.25.73.
do you have any suggestions?
thank you for your reply.

Well, first off, there was an update earlier today, so I would first recommend updating your browser. After that, I’d like you to send me screenshots of the issue you’re having before I continue. Which websites are you having these issues with?

Does disabling Hardware Acceleration in brave://settings/system help?

good morning Adrian. I have a question do you know where should I update my brave?
these are some of the sites it didn’t open to me :
and every video on the other webs.
I try today to take a screenshot and send it to you. thanks for your help.

excuse me the first one was wrong the link is :

If you go to brave://settings/help, you’ll be able to see your Brave version and the button to update it. Like fanboynz said, though, can you try disabling hardware acceleration as well to see if that helps?

hello Adrian.
excuse me I was really busy and I didn’t check my Gmail
Adrian, I went to that link and it wrote ( brave is up to date )
let me send you a screenshot

if you can see te\he time bar is pasting and I have the video’s sound but any videos are playing . thank you for helping. do you have any else suggestions?

Has this been affecting you since you started using Brave?

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