I installed Brave on my laptop it is not supported by my graphic driver and just showing black screen

I wanted to completely adapt Brave browser and tried to use on every device. it is perfectly working on my mobile phone and i wanted to install it on my laptop too so i installed it and is installed correctly but it is not supporting my laptop’s graphic driver. It is only showing black screen. When i uninstall my graphic driver is starts showing window. My laptop has AMD E1 processor and has Radeon HD 7310 graphic driver. When its installed brave doens’t work. Without graphic driver i cant watch videos or play games and with it i cant use brave.

Brave not supporting Amd graphics
Installed brave and installed graphic driver

1.installing graphic driver on laptop showing black screen
2.uninstalling graphic driver brave works perfectly.

Should show the brave home screen window


**Windows 7 ultimate Hp Sleekbook 14 with AMD E1 HD 7310 3gb ram


@Hood please try steps mentioned here Error on yesterday's update [Windows "blank window" issue]


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