I haven't recieved any amount from brave for this month

I haven’t recieved anything from brave for this month from my devices and it doesn’t show anything regarding that amount mentioned that was seen yesterday which said arriving in one day… today I haven’t received anything at all ?
What is this issue I’m facing?

Edit:I recieved all the pending bats from my devices today… Thanks to brave again for coming through!
I suggest all the people who are facing this issue should wait because the payments are still being processed!


Same issue i am facing


Same here
I use A phone and a laptop , both were connected to a same uphold account , today i got my Laptop’s BAT rewards but my phone’s countdown vanished and didn’t recieve any BAT from my phone to Uphold

Edit : i got my phone’s BAT rewards too , i guess they send PC’s first then Phone/Tablets…


I received my 0.5 bat from my phone but not my 2.5 bat from my computer …
That’s very sad, I guess I’m going to disable the ads afterall, not worth it if they steal your money.


Im also facing same issue

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I have the same Problem. I should get today the rewards of both Computers. I cant the them on Brave Rewards anymore and i also cant find them in my wallet

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I didn’t receive anything. Neither from my phone nor from my laptop. My balance on Uphold is still zero. Kinda sucks. I’m new to Brave, is it always this bad, that they don’t pay you?

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I’m contemplating switching back to Firefox. The only reason I switched to Brave was because of the supposed ability to earn money/BAT from viewing ads. Other than that, I think Firefox is better. If Brave doesn’t even pay you anything, I don’t see any reason for continuing to use it.


Happy to hear that for you…i hope i get mine soon as well like you!

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ok. i will stay at brave browser. for me its no problem when it needs longer. but last month everything work fine and the money was in a few minutes on my wallet.

Any support person here yo help with

Same problem. Is it possible to see the payout status from the current month?

Check it here: Monthly Ads Payout Status Update
It’s still processing so far.


First, I got bats in mobile and then PC. The thing is pc one wasn’t even showing the option to claim until I open 3-4 tabs lol.

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More info :
Got my PC Bat rewards : 7th Aug 9:41 PM IST
Got my Mobile Bat Rewards : 8th Aug 12:24 PM IST
Almost 15hours , so wait for atleast a day if you have two devices

Yup same. Till yesterday it showed 2 BAT but then it started new month’s count and there is no place to see last month’s BAT earning. Uphold account is at 0. Don’t know what to do, and don’t know if we will receive the BAT or not.

Click on the top BAT logo and check if it is look like this “Wallet Verified”

If yes , wait for the payout process to complete ( there’s community thread, check that)
If not , connect your Brave rewards to Uphold account

I haven’t received my BAT(s) either, I checked everything according to this post and previous posts regarding this issue. I was supposed to get over 5.8 BAT…

Please assist with
Wallet payment ID: 25754c9b-0bf7-48d9-852e-d7e5b65d8e27

BRAVE browser settings

Brave 1.27.111 Chromium: 92.0.4515.131 (Official Build) (arm64)
Revision 6b8d6c56ce21e38a72f7c4becb5abc1fa5134f29-refs/branch-heads/4515@{#1933}
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“Arriving in x days” is only a reference, it can be “x+y” days. See this-

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Same problem I received my phone BAT but not received my desktop BAT

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