I've got the greetings, not the september BAT rewards

I have accumulated 1,xx BAT in September. But this month, I got the greatings, but no BATs in my wallet.
I am on Win10 64 Home and Brave up to date.
My wallet is not verified.
I have been able to successfully receive payments in the past. Currently I have 3,5 BAT.
I am occasionally using a VPN to connect to my teleworking computer.
Same thing occurred to me several months ago, but the last 3 months I got no problem.

If you do not see a “Claim” button, I suggest that you open a support request

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Your case number for this ticket is 158262

Hey, its different for each person so I don’t think thats applicable to the person who made this post. lol

This could cause your account getting flagged. Not sure if yours is, to make sure if yours is flagged / not →

  • Do you get Brave rewards ads ?
    If yes, then you’re not flagged.

  • Do you get a Your account is flagged error when you try verifying ?
    If not then, your account is not flagged, yet.

I get Brave reward ads.
But what do you mean by “verifying”?

When you try to connect to Uphold/Gemini

Anyways, since you’re receiving ads, it’s unlikely that you’re flagged

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I’m having this same issue. Is the second month I didn’t receive the rewards. No claim button shows. And I’m also using a VPN to connect to my remote work company computer. I’m also reveiving the ads and the accumulated BAT of the current month shows. When the month ended the accumulated BAT disappear.

That could cause problems with rewards. That could eventually get you flagged.

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You should raise a ticket. Raise one here

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