WIN 50 BATS in zebpay

Can anyone clarify the procedure for this . What exactly we have to do to win these and how could we know that we are in first 500 .

Create a Zebpay account → Do KYC using your government ID such as aadhar card / PAN card or any other supported docs. Then try to connect to Brave rewards by clicking on the connect button and then logging in using the registered mobile number for Zebpay.

Do read my topic below as I have shared some important information about fees and other stuff.

Yeahh i have already done all of that and i have 4 braves connected to my account. So now we just have to wait for the October payout ? It says transfer bats to brave wallet to win .
Also can i have your telegram or something, smartyaadi

I am not too sure but I suppose so. Can always ask support :slight_smile:

Sure. DM me at Reddit I’ll share my telegram over there since don’t want people spamming my telegram lol

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My Reddit

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