Didn't Receive November Rewards

Repost of a previous issue because it still isn’t resolved. Had made a post originally about my Dec 7th rewards not posting for the month of November. Was told to wait until payout status was complete. Reward payouts are now complete and my November payouts for my two laptops have not reached my Gemini account.

One laptop did post a quick pop up notification that didn’t stay up long about there being an error with my transfer but the other did not.

Original Post: Brave Rewards Payout Nov 7th Issue

Thanks in advance.

I’ve also not received mine.

I have also several laptops where I use Brave and I didn’t receive any BAT on those laptops. But I have no linked wallet, I would need to claim them… but claiming button does not came in. I am sad.


Literally the same issue. Looked through my reward internals and it’s failing.

Who do i need to message as i also didn’t receive my bat on a verified gemini account.

not in a position to offer advice but Steeven seems to be regularly around and able to look into things. Details shown on this linked thread, so you can hopefully you can DM.
hope this helps and good luck

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