I have not received my BATS since May

Hello, good morning
I haven’t received my BATs reward since May, the browser says I received my bats for this month but they never reach uphold.
What is going on? they are not coming in from the pc or my smartphone.

How can I fix this? where do I upload a support ticket?


Rewards Support Ticket at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

3 months? That’s quite long. Czn you share the ticket id?

I have not received rewards for June or July. However Brave is saying it has sent it.


Same here, there are hundreds of posts about this here on the forum but they keep telling people to open a support ticket and close the thread. I opened a ticket a few days ago and nobody responded. I think this issue is widespread.

I’m using Gemini, but I’ve seen posts about Uphold as well.

My account is not flagged.

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It’s kinda same people posting it in hundred threads. Like if you actually see, its not even 200 or something I guess. Compare that to 58 million monthly users.

BE patient. The team is taking around 3 to 4 weeks to get back to people since being done on first come first serve basis. Lots of tickets than usual.


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This is affecting me also. Last reward into uphold was middle of May

Same problem here, I even have a message that says I have already received the rewards, but thats not true. Any solution?

Hey @Isaac03 @brettg check out

My support ticket is 207390. This is what I wrote in the ticket.

It may be relevant that for quite some time I was unable to claim rewards because I had old devices that I no longer had access to causing the “too many devices” problem.

I noticed in May that this had been fixed so I “claimed” the accumulated BAT I had which did arrive in uphold successfully (in mid May).

I have received nothing since that day.

I have the same issue for May and June. I sent a ticket and didn’t receive a response, so I don’t have a ticket number. I submitted another just now so I hope to get some kind of email.

Email with your ticket number automatically gets sent when you create a support ticket. They tend to show up almost instantly, give or take like 5-10 minutes. If you did not get one then it means you either did not submit a support ticket or your email provider is blocking emails. You may want to check junk/spam folders.

I got a reply today from Brave Support saying they fixed the issue for me and they would combine the payouts from June/July/August next month.

EDIT: 8 days later my account got flagged for no reason.

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Ticket # 201878
June 19th

My last BAT deposit was on May 1st for April’s Brave Rewards.

Ticket for July - Ticket # 207771

mine got flagged too

Yes, I got a message that it will be sorted this month. My account also got flagged.

August 14, still no payment…

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Just sent you a DM. Thanks!

after a bit of back and forth of saying it was deposited directly to the custodial account, and me showing the balance was the same, they finally came thru and it is showing in the account.

Now however, the rewards part on the Brave browser will not connect to the custodial account and keeps saying the “request is stil processing” .

What can I do about this?