I have not received my BATS since May

Are you using Gemini? This is a separate issue and we are actively investigating. Thanks!

Ticket # 215971
Previous ticket numbers: # 201878 - June 19th and # 207771 - July 14th

My last successful BAT payout was May 1st 2023 via Gemini

Maybe they should fix what is causing the issues since it’s recurring month to month. I already submitted a ticket for the August deposit that never happened. I got the June deposite but only after a ticket and it finally went through June 29. I got July on time but I’m again left waiting for the August deposit which was supposed to go through on the 7th.

I doubt all 58mil users participate.

Yes, I am using Gemini.

Has there been any updates to the issue with Gemini integration to Rewards? I am still unable to connect Rewards to my wallet.

@amarquez808 no, still nothing. You can track overall at https://status.brave.com/

If you check there, you’ll see (at least as I’m writing this), that Gemini is down for everyone. They are working with Gemini to get the API up and running again.

yes, I did look at that. I thought it was just user specific. I guess I’ll keep an eye out for the fix notification or something. thank you

So, I have still not seen any activity. Maybe I should just give up and turn the ads off

I turned off ads and then overnight about 9.x bat arrived. I’m not sure if those two thing are related

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