Not Paid This Month - Help Me

I could not get my bat rewards this month. Is anyone experiencing the same? Help me pls

You will have to raise a ticket at

After raising a ticket, share the Ticket ID you receive in the email you submit.
Support might take upto 3 to 4 weeks to get back to you.

A lot of tickets coming in lately.

No rewards were received for the month of June. The status says completed but I’ve not received an email to confirm the transfer also I checked my uphold account and the last payment received was for May.
I hope you can help.

I’ve raised a ticket too.

Thank you Michele

Yes, the best way to get help is by Raising the support ticket as you have done.

Just be patient, Brave will help you on this.

Do check again and reply if you got one. Also make sure to check the spam / junk folder since sometimes lands up there.

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