I have not received my BAT tokens to claim on 8th December, it seems to have vanished

This was my earning of the previous month but I never received an option to claim, 2 days prior it was showing that 4.1 BAT were on its way but now nothing is shown whats the current status then, is it gone or I have to wait.


a lot of people are missing rewards. looks like brave they are scamming us.


Na, Ive gotten all my rewards exept for this last month as far as I know. Although, I’ve definitely had delays like this month and last month. Maybe this is due to a higher then average user base. I’d rather give them some benefit of a doubt, I’m thankful for the free money I’ve been given thus far. It’s not like it’s really too time consuming or difficult to click and glimps at ads. what their doing here is far from a scam. I’m just sure there’s alot of logical reasons why there’s delays. For example at one point I was flagged and had to prove I wasn’t a bot so things like that come up. This was probably due to the fact that I was staying up late a lot at the time and using Brave Browser a lot more than most regular users would. If you don’t stay engaged with the community or support team then its easy to miss out on rewards. I think the reason for my delay is only due to the wallet disconnect which is apparently now a safty feature that you have to look out for. I guess this is only because they need to make sure you’re truely engaged because their technically paying you for very little action so its understandable that their gonna want to make the most out of the money they spend on you.

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Yea. It’s still processing probably. I got my rewards from Android yesterday and from my lap today. You should be concerned only if you havnt received rewards after the payout status is updated to completed.

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Good evening, is it my first month with brave and I have the same problem. I don’t receive anythings.

How can i proceed? There is any news?

me too, i didn’t receive my bat

Payments are still processing. If the payouts are done and you haven´t received the rewards, DM your Wallet ID to one of the staff members.

I also didn’t receive the claim notification , and says ‘Unverified wallets: Claims Available.’ , and to me isn’t available!

me too I am supposed to gain 1,3 this month and a 1 last month but not arrived, it’s scam ig
although I got the October reward

You do not need to click ‘claim’ when you have linked your Brave Rewards to an Uphold or Gemini account. Your screenshot shows you have linked to Gemini. Payments take time to process and I literally just minutes ago received my browser payout. At the top of the page on this support forum is the current payout status for December; if it still says payments to Uphold / Gemini are processing then you are not missing anything and will see your payments soon in your Gemini account.

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All of your ads are blocked except for the limited few they show you. There is no scam when they are giving you money for free. Do you see how it still says payments are processing???

No need for announcements of going to another browser and slowing it down with tons of add-ons because you’re upset payments take time to process - just do it. It’s not the threat you seem to believe it is.

throughout the day giving notice of processing. neither October nor November I received my reward. @steeven looking forward to your response

I’ve posted here several times. I’ve not received a damn thing since August (for July’s tokens). Nothing has been done about that and I highly doubt I’ll ever see it. It sucks.

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