I have not been receiving any ads for a month now

Great but basically it was 2 weeks ago… :love_you_gesture:

What i have noticed is that they fluctuate with its migratory,but lets hear what they will say. .

Hi @steeven

Can you confirm (or not) that this solution to received ads on Win7 will not ban members or suspend accounts, please?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Finally calling the big guns here. Great, it will be settled once and for all.

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Not received my ads in my android since a week or more but it’s does not respone from brave support please help

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Yes it’s more efficient and accurate for everyone :slight_smile:


The admins know about this and nobody was suspended doing this. What do you tell?


I am having this issue as well. However, its a weird one not related to everyone else here.

On the same machine (one in a VM)
Linux Host - Brave Release, not getting any ads, however I am seeing it ping the server for them.
Windows 10 Pro VM - Getting ads.

On the same network:
iPhone, getting 5 ads per hour as my settings are set to do so.

I am not using a VPN or proxy on any of these devices, all on the same network with the same settings on the latest Release version of Brave.

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nice idea bro. I know it :+1::+1::+1:.
he’s like “cepu” in Indonesian language.

Moment of truth

Answered by a brave team moderator. Don’t tamper with these files.

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@Rotblut @ariffudin @Tiko Do you get now why you should not tamper with these files. See my above reply.

Thanks for your concern, I appreciate.

I still receive ads and BAT, no problem by my side :slight_smile:

For you it worked. There are always exception. But for others they may get their wallet locked.

Deleting this file will cause issues with redemption of those BAT, it is highly recommend that if you are not receiving ads you reach out via tmancey@brave.com so we can investigate the cause. Thanks

Thank you @tmancey but it’s ok by my side.
I’ve noticed your email if I have any issue.

Best and stay safe :slight_smile: