Why don't I get any ads?

I have approximately 1 month without receiving advertisements and the sponsored images do not pay me, could you tell me what is happening? And what possible solutions can you give me? Beforehand thank you very much.

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Hi @Denicjd,
Have you seen FAQ for information on why you may not be seeing ads?

Hello, thank you very much for replying.
Yes, I have been reading several publications about it but I did not feel that they answered my concerns. I understand that Brave Adds shows the relevant ads for me but during the first month of use I saw ads every day and the sponsored images also paid me, not anymore, apart from the fact that the browser has been bugging a lot. Now that I surf a lot more I don’t receive any ads and neither do the sponsored images add me.

Can you please share a screenshot of your 7-day Ads history?

Yes, of course, only the Ads history option doesn’t work for me. I will send you a screenshot. The 0.5 BAT in my wallet is the last one that was paid to me in April.

Can you check and ensure that you have everything configured on correctly on Windows?

I don’t have windows 10, my windows is 7. But I don’t have anything blocked, everything is fine with my windows and the brave browser, I still don’t know or find no answer as to why the ads cease.

Can you check your system settings (on Win7) and ensure that notifications for Brave are allowed? Additionally, can you check Program files (x86) --> Brave Browser --> Application and ensure that a Brave shortcut is found here?

Yes of course. Everything is fine, I have brave notifications allowed. Another user answered the post and told me that it may be because of my country that the ads were temporarily disabled.

Can you tell me what region you’re located in currently?

Im from of Venezuela!

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