No ads received in the last month; Does anyone have same issue?

I did not have any ads in the last month. I have been using brave browser all the time, but no ads shown up, although I have received ads in the last several months.

I am in UK, and using brave browser on Windows 7.

Does anyone have any idea?

Look at the side bar on the right and you’ll can answer by yourself to your question! :slight_smile:

I am sorry, but I cannot get it. What do you mean “the side bar on the right”?

Look at the screen, on the right there’s a column (maybe I used before the wrong words because I was in a hurry). There you can scroll all the new topics. If you check there’s a great number of topics reporting the same issue as you (mine too), Usually less similar topic there are more quickly the customer care can answer (the reason of merging threads).

So, you have to wait and me as well…

Hi @imtaiky,
I’m pretty sure it’s normal.

Brave Ads is matching your intesest with the available ads catalog in your country.

Thank you very much for your explanation! That helps a lot.

I did not think of the “available ads catalog”. Thank you very much.

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