If you not receive ads on Windows or Ubuntu

I test on my laptop and ads will appearing



Should i delete client.json or catalog.json

you should delete client.json sorry for my typo

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Thank you bro it really works :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:From 5 days i did not received ads.

you can try again to receive another ads

do u know how to solve the same issue for android?

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Use vpn. you can search on playstore

my friend done this so many times… he got 13 ads in just 30 mins… but now his ad counter is stucked ROFL

I get 25 ads in 15-20 minutes but my ad counter still work, coz I still use Brave v 1.13.86

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It works! Thank you. And only do it once? or every time?

you can try it if you want. but brave has ads limit perday

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Keep your advice with you

I try this my bat has been suspended because i heart brave policy

How did i know all files on ads_service refresh or update?

Nalayak harami Teri wajah se mere sare bat kat gaye

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speak english please
I’m Indonesian

how ad not coming ad problem solve please tell me

after open brave. don’t disable ads until all file in ads_service ditectory has refreshed. if you disable it, you not receive ads until tomorrow

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Since he’s technically “hacking” Brave to generate excessive ads, wouldn’t that violate Brave terms & conditions and get his account suspended? :open_mouth:

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