I got only 6BAT in my uphold but had around 60BAT?

in my publisher account I had 60 BAT but it only transferred 6BAT?
What is the matter? plz help

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check the image plz i have uploaded it here

I don’t understand, can you please tell me in English?

Hey I have a question when you got paid today on the 14th or yesterday on the 13th, and what time

I got it yesterday 13th

payments are made after 13 or only on 13 ??

I have no clue I’m here cuz i didn’t get my full amount :slightly_frowning_face:

Seems like you receive 53 BAT after July 31st? No?

No only 6.125 BAT, more 53 are still in my account

I think it was on 13th

Hi dude!

Can you share your publisher YouTube channel?

I want to see one thing

Please send your YouTube channel link

I mean “you receive 53 BAT in your creator account after July 31st”, @abbas_dhd ?

This month payout is for BAT you receive in July, so any BAT received from August 1-31 will be paid in next payout.

Hey how did you earn incredibly high 60 BAT coins, can you please share like monthly around how much do you earn from BRAVE Browser ?

its from creator account(Youtube). i barely get bats now from browser!

my uphold was not verified so i cudnt transfer my BATS there. i verfied it 2 months ago
53 bats are prolly older

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