Incomplete BAT received in my uphold

I have 112 BAT in my publisher account before, now only 94, i only receive 13 BAT on my uphold, why is that all my BAT not transferred in my uphold? My BAT has been in my publisher account since before May 30th, and now i only receive 13 bat?

@Jeffbacc first, please avoid creating a duplicate post with same issue. :sweat_smile:

Did you have multiple channels/sites? Payout for each channel will be sent separately. Also another batch for referral program.

And payout is for contribution that you received from 1-31 of previous month. Contribution that you received after that period will be sent next month.

Sorry im just confused on what is the correct thread to post my concern. My friends tip my channel before May 30, so it means i should get it this month right?, but i only got 13 bat out of 112 i earned.

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