I get ads on my iPhone but is not updating and I never get them on my PC


Well, I never get ads on my PC but when I use my iPhone I get like 10 or more, but the wallet is not updating* so I have 0 BAT. That is strange

I am from Mexico City and I am using Windows 10 version 1909 and my browser version is
On my phone the version is 1.17

Can you help me?


There are a couple of things that you should check if you aren’t receiving ads on your PC. Make sure that Rewards and Ads are turned on and that Brave has permissions to send notifications. After making sure there’s nothing wrong with what I’ve previously mentioned; try turning ads off, closing out, opening back up, and turning ads on back again. Hopefully that fixes the issues you are having with your PC.

Could you clarify a couple of things regarding the issue with your iPhone, did you mean that your estimated earnings for the month weren’t increasing as you watched ads, or that your wallet balance wasn’t increasing as you watched ads?

If you were referring to your wallet balance, then your accumulated BAT earnings for the month will be payed out on June 5th. You can see your estimated earnings in ad setting details.

I mean that my phone and my pc are not showing the same data about rewards.

as you can see are different

I don’t believe your able to currently sync Brave Rewards across mobile devices, which is why your mobile and PC show different estimated monthly earnings.

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