Not receiving ads and rewards after syncing mobile account


My account doesn’t receive ads or rewards so far this month since I added my IOS device through sync chain to my PC’s account. I moved my tokens from my phone successfully as well but I haven’t seen anymore ads pop since then. Could someone help with this?

Yours Sincerely

It’s unlikely that using the one-time token transfer or setting up Brave Sync has had any effects on ads displaying. Can you tell me what type of PC you’re using including your OS, as well as what Brave version?

Ok and I’m using windows 10 on an asus zenbook pro due. The IOS device is an iPhone 12 Pro max

And to clarify, you’re having issues viewing ads on your PC device, right?

I’m using brave v1.18.78 on windows and the latest on IOS

Yes, I’m not getting any on both devices.

For iOS you may not be aware that Brave Rewards has changed due to the December 10th update and our changes to the system to comply with Apple iOS guidelines. Please see the official announcement here for more information:

For PC, can you tell me whether or not you have any extensions installed and/or if your connected to a VPN?

Ok and that’s so sad to hear about IOS. My pc does have a VPN but that hasn’t caused many problems until late December. I’ve attached the extension I have currently. Please advise what I can keep or do to resolve this

Can you please try disabling the extensions you have and then browsing normally for a while to see if ads appear? Several of those extensions (VPN Proxy, CISCO, Great Suspender) may be affecting the ads system.

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