New in brave and no reward when surfing on PC but ok on Iphone

Hi , i’m from france, i 'm using Brave since 2 days ago and i think it’s a really good app. But i have problem with reward on PC (win 10) , i’m all time 0 reward.
On my Iphone all is good .
Can someone help me please?

Hi @stephleb, welcome to Community!

I need some clarification. When you say:

What exactly do you me? Are you saying that you’re not receiving Ads? Or are you saying you’re not receiving BAT?

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I’m not receiving


In the initial post you mentioned that you’ve been using Brave for two days. In the Ad settings you can see the next payment date is March 5. Brave does payouts once a month and since you’ve started using Brave in Feb, you’ve missed this month’s payout. Be sure to link your Brave wallet with a verified Uphold account to be able to receive during the next Ads payout.

Thanks for that.
My wallet is verified, the problem is that brave don’t let me to see some content.
I never have pop-up and my countdown stay to 0.
On my iphone et ipad, i have some previous BAT for march , but not on my PC.
Does windows is the problem with pop up?

Just browse as you usually do. Brave will match your interest with the available ads catalog in your country.

i think it was a problem with windows, just run on ios and doesn’t run on my pc.
Brave doesn’t proposed me publicity on my pc.

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