I earned more bat token and when i claimed them it become 1/17th of i earned

I earned 4.067 bat in march month and till April 9 it was showing your 4.067 bat are on the way keep eye and when they arrived and I claimed it reduced to 0.250 . according to my friends brave usually do this its a pure scam and now I am even worried about my important data and passwords saved on brave browser it must be selling user data somewhere I noticed it because i was using brave heavily and got lots of brave ads and gathered 4.067 bat and now its just 0.250 i think we should leave brave asap .I will not be amazed if i got hacked because i installed brave imagine a big company doing this on face what it must be doing behind the back

Screenshot 2022-04-09 023155


and what it happened on my both device on other device i was having 1.4 something bat and there also i got only 0.250 bat and on my pc i just got pop up on claim that you got0.250 and yor total is now 4 because previosly i was having 3.750 bt it is not added into my acc yet it still says 3.750

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Same thing happened to me.

we should leave brave asap its pure scam it is taking your important credentials for just 0.250 bat

Please see Update on Questions around Estimated Earnings for April Payout