I have Received 0,25/0,95 from my Bat Monthly Rewards

i’ve just received 0,25 Bat from my 0,95 advertising rewards

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same happened with me today i had 3.95 bat but i olny received 0.25🥲 idk what got wrong

Same. I only received 0.250 Bat I’m suposed to have at least 15


This is really frustrating…

Yes it is! I keep losing money these days because stuff is not working like it is intended to!

I was supposed to have 9 BAT. It said that in my expected earnings, and it even said right before I claimed that my payout for this month was 9 BAT.

I dragged the BAT icon to the triangle to confirm, and It said I earned 0.25.
My balance and payout history both only show 0.25 BAT.

why its happening? idk whether brave is using us with fake numbers

Clearly a widespread issue judging by the overwhelming amount of topics mentioning this. Unfortunate it happened heading into the weekend, but be patient as I’m sure the support teams will resolve this.