I lost 0.500 BAT tokens

There were 0.500BAT in my rewards yesterday, when i woke up and checked the rewards today there were only 0.83 BAT where did the other 0.417 BAT go? I even turned off Auto contribution so obviously there was no chance of contribution without my consent , I’m a new user i thought the concept of crypto rewards a really cool idea and i thought brave was a geniuene and transparent browser, not that i really think about the lost bat tokens i feel like these rewards are just a scam and misleading people into using the browser, Thank God i check the rewards everyday, what about the people who don’t check their rewards at all and blindly keep faith in brave ? I really feel betrayed .

Hopefully they did not actually go away but rather, for some reason the counter just is not reflecting it correctly. This happens to me quite often, usually after a few minutes or a restart or so it fixes it. The BAT does not actually disappear or go away, now if it did contribute that is another story, but as you said, auto contribute is off. So hopefully it is just a temporary strange counter not showing the numbers correctly

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