I dont get ADS!

Same! :disappointed: No ads even if I spend hours on pc

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I know! I’m still kinda happy at least I’m receiving ads on my another phone

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did you really check the notifications from windows config ? meaybe they turn off

Yes I checked everything

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did you try Beta Brave ?

No! I’m using stable

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do this: open this webpage and activate the message, this show you a notification if you get it, your notifications are ok.
its safe dont worry John try this you to.

Tried notifications pop ups

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ok … we are not wrong tho … something is wrong with ads …

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Same here! Is it because I’m using windows 7?

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nup its not that …

try the beta version …

Alright, let me see.

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you have to be patience to … try to used for a long time … like you allways do in a regular browser

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Yes I know I’ll this instead of stable


me also have same problem i only get 163 ad this month

Ok, look i’ve used Beta for weeks and it work for a time, he show me a few ads, then it stop and i change to the regular browser of Brave and the second day of use it start to show me ADS again … not a lot but a few, and since we are posting here about a hour ADs pop me up again… So meaybe you have to be more regular in the used of the Browser… if you leave the browser open and you take off there is an inactivity there … so i think its work whit the used that you give it … you got it ???

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Its ok dude its happen i think is normal this… meaybe they need more sponsors i dont know … dont try to change nothing on your computer shes fine tho

Try this

  • disable ads
  • delete client.json on this directory
    • windows: C:/users/username/AppData/local/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/User Data/Default/ads_service/client.json
    • ubuntu: /home/.config/BraveSoftware/Brave-Browser/Default/ads_service/client.json
  • enable ads again
  • wait until all files on ads_service refreshed or updated
  • open website (with same segment on catalog)
  • wait 1 minute without swipe touchpad or mouse and push keyboard
  • push keyboard or swipe (touchpad or mouse)
  • done ads will appear

its work for me on my laptop

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