Ads is not showing up

So I have been using the Browser for several days now and I would spend around 2-5 hours per day to Browse the Internet, do my assignment, and watch movies/videos online. But the ads aren’t showing up at all. At first I thought the ads work the same way as it always do in Google Chrome, after doing some research, it suppose to send me notifications when it wants to give me an ad but none ever popped up nor ever existed in the first place. I wonder if it’s the Browser’s issue or does it have anything to do with my current region.
Please reach out to me as soon as possible (that would be nice)

Or you can respond to this thread.
Thank you

First, see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads? and make sure you have a correct set-up.


p.s. please don’t share your email here. It’s a public forum.

Hello @KyleNguyen. If the solution given by @eljuno doesn’t work try this one (run this tool):

so if we do that and it says it’s errored what does that mean?

May have several reasons. Try again later is the first thing to do. Maybe your computer setup have particularity that I don’t know.

Hi, which version of the browser are you using please? Thanks

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