I have not received payment from creators

Hi! I have yet to receive payment from brave creators to my uphold account


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X2 me pasa lo mismo y no me llegan los 106 bats que tengo acumulados

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Same issue with me since 2 months
@steeven please help sir

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Same issue last 15 days I have not received.

I am from Japan. I have connected my Paypal wallet and have been waiting for 3 months now but have not received the payment. I have verified everything on my Paypal wallet but the main problem is that they never opened the payment gateway for me.

As far as I understand it is that brave makes the payment to accounts in uphold and geminis … Paypal is not used by them

excuse my english i am using a translator

In Japan, you don’t use uphold to store money. It is replaced by Paypal. But I’m fully connected and verified still not getting the payment