I didn't receive any ad cause of my travel / VPN?

Hello, I haven’t received any brave ads since August 2021 when everything has always gone well. By researching the probable causes and more frequent I read that it was not recommended to use a VPN with Brave.

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I work for Italy, and I live in France. So I work from home. I travel a lot between France and Italy, and I use the company’s private vpn.
I would like to know if, as indicated on my screen, I could be considered as suspicious activity because of the vpn of my work which I activate and deactivate at the end of my working day. The implementation of the company’s private VPN corresponds to the time when I no longer received any advertising.

So I would like to know what I have to do, to prove that, and to prove that I am working on two countries.
And who can I contact to resolve this issue?

Thank you and good day.

(I am telling you here that I have also followed all the steps of all the Brave articles that talk about ads that no longer appear. So, I’m sure the problem is not just an unchecked option.)

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I have he same issue, I need to use vpn to connect to US. Otherwise I do not use vpn on my android device.
Hope we don’t get banned and will get resolution soon.

@steeven Help him XD

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