I did not receive a bonus

Hello admin.
I have 02 problems please ask admin.

  1. I have had 96 downloads, 66 downloads, 18 confirmed. But why I only received 101.07BAT.
  2. Currently I have not received a bonus from the Brave browser.
    So please admin guide and solve for me.
    Thank admin very much
  1. You can check your statements to see how many BAT that you received for referral.

Also it’ll be paid in BAT and following the BAT price at the time it paid. So for example:

  • if yesterday you have 1 confirmed and BAT price is 0.25 USD

5 USD / 0.25 = 20 BAT

  • if you have 2 confirmed today and BAT price is 0.5 USD

5 USD / 0.5 * 2 = 20 BAT

and in total you’ll receive 40 BAT for 3 confirmed referral. I used tier 3 as an example for easier calculation. :sweat_smile:

  1. What bonus?

mine also doesn’t get a bat. even though it was confirmed 10. but BAT didn’t add up at all

Dear eljuno, i have same this issue. i have 3 confirmations on 29 Feb, but my balance have still not updated BAT. Here is this sreenshot

Same as above. My BAT has not changed in the last 2 days although I have had more than 10 confirmations that have been updated.

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I have the same problem and I believe its a bug

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