Didn't get referral bonus!

I was referred my some friends and 3 referred was shown confirmed in my dashboard. But I have received referral bonus for 1 person not for other 2 person!!!

same to me :frowning: i didnt receive my ref reward too. even they used the browser for a month. please help us.

Sorry if I may, could you send a screenshot of the publisher stat. Are your referrals confirmed it just on installed. If it is installed those are for users that used the link and opened the app after installing it . For confirmed those are for users that have used the app for about 30days after downloading the app using your referral link

yesterday i had 15 confirmed at 49,57 bat, but right now, i got 16 confirmed but no additional Bat on my account, please help me. if you can see my post i got 143 BAT last month, and they confirmed that they are still using brave browser.

3 referred have been confirmed but I don’t receive bat for 3 referred!!

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