Reward Payout Error

I had 2.173 bat in my wallet and I’m getting only 0.318 as payout of this month. Is this any error or something else. Kindly look into this matter :pray:


My browser is not showing me any thing like processing and my rewards got halved.

The 2.173 bat you have is the total amount of bat you will have in your wallet. 0.318 bat is the amount of bat you will be getting for february, I suppose.

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Hi @Saliq, what is the error? Thanks.

Hi, My total earning of Feb month is 2.183 bat while it’s showing that I’ll get only .318 bat as feb month payout, So my question is why I’m not my full payout of feb month. Is this any error or something else?? Kindly look into this :pray::pray:

Yup maybe you are right but i earned 2.183 bat in feb month then why I’ll get only .316 bat as feb month payout??


Hello, i have the same problem, it says i will receive 1.7 BAT out of 3.22. It’s not the first time it happens. What is going on?

Same but yesterday it was not even showing processing payout in but today i opened and it showed that almost half of my payout will be processed and rest was transferred to march earning

@steeven I have the same issue too, Almost half of my feb earning is moved to march :expressionless:

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It’s not yet reconciled ads that pay you the next month, or maybe too much users and they start delaying the rewards. In my Android browser paid 0.750 of 3.125.

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