I claimed token but it doesnt add

I claimed token but it doesnt add and it keeps loading after 5mins its gone


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Exactly the same problem as @razerx, I claimed token on my cell phone but it doesnt add and it keeps loading infinite, and at the end the claim button is gone and my Brave Wallet is at 0… I LOST all my rewards, after more than 1 month using Brave, really?

Can anyone help on this, please?

Please see May 5th Ads Reward Claim Errors

yes @steeven ty for your answer, i did read the post you refer me, but it is not clear where are now MY rewards, and the effort during 1 month to obtain it. On the post you refer me says rewards are not lost, but on my cell phone now appears 0.0 and there is no other guarantee that i will have what i had. I think it will be good for all the community, and for me to clarify that point, we accepted to see some Ads in change to receive some rewards, that was the “deal/game” but when a deal is not accomplished for 1 of the parts… there is a problem i guess and in addition, if the loosing part dont receive the opportune explanations, we have 2 problems or a big one

Me too, I am on Windows 10. I didnt see it get added to my wallet.

Same here. For two months using a brave, I never get any BAT and now suddenly lost all my rewards.

It’s been 4 days I didn’t get my brave token, after clicking on the claim button it’s load very long and results nothing added any bat token to my wallet.
What should I do now???
Please help me . It’s been 1.5 month using brave browser and still my wallet balance is 0.
Should I stop using this or what??
Please help me with guidelines…

This is totally unfair until now I have not received my rewards yet…please do something

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