I can't see the tabs in private mode because of the absurd and disastrous lack of contrast in the purple theme

I don’t know whose idea was a dark purple theme where the background and the tabs are almost identical but it is a copy of the horrible Ubuntu theme and it is a disaster for usability, as anything that comes from the linux world and the absurd freaks that have no idea of the elemmentary basics of design.

So I have tried in FOUR different laptops or PCs and the problem is the same in all of them, there is no contrast to distinguish the active tab versus the other tabs, plus the legibility is awful. I know that freaks love dark themes but they are a disaster in the real world with real people needing something usable and practical.

Additionally, there is no chance to use another theme. Congratulations linux freaks, this disaster is epic. If you install a theme in Brave, the purple one will remain in the private mode, which is there for a reason, people USE the private mode, it’s not just something for decoration.

PLEASE SOLVE THIS grotesque problem because I am tired of needing to move the lid of the laptop in order to find the active tab because there is no CONTRAST.

As simple as using a theme with contrast, not blackish for teen freaks, a theme for older professional people, not for linuxers who play games and watch porn listening rap.

And you pretend to be a serious browser for serious people when this problem has been told many times for more than a year and you haven’t been able to solve it at all???


The team have a priority list. If you see the issue you linked above, those issue is tagged as “priority/P5”.

Closed as duplicate of Active Tab in Private Window not Distinctive Enough…