Currently-open tab not distinguished from others in the tab bar (in Private window)

I want to again raise the issue (to-date-unresolved) of there being no distinguishing features of the currently-open tab that allows the user to quickly see where the tab is in the tab bar when in a Private window.

This may not be a problem when only a few tabs are open, but it is definitely one when that’s not the case – e.g., when the user has 15 tabs open in the same Private window.

The tabs in general are barely distinguishable from each other because their separator lines are almost invisible (when in a Private window). I have to get no more than a foot away from the screen to see them.

The main issue, though, is that there is no distinguishing coloration, enhanced brightness, or other attribute of the currently-open tab that makes it stand out from the others in the tab bar on a Private window – i.e., black – screen.

So when wanting to close such a tab, it becomes a game of hunt-&-peck.

Please do something about this when possible. Thanks.

(The above refers to my experience running Brave (Standard Release) in Mac OS Mojave on a MacBook Pro.)

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Hey, thanks for your feedback!

There’s a slight brightness difference for the currently displayed tabs; I imagine though, that it’s SO subtle that if your brightness or contrast settings on your monitor are low enough you might not be able to see the difference at all.

Will file this one in our feature requests :slight_smile:

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@Asad Thanks, I don’t like a bright screen, so that may be part of the problem, but it’s not something I’ve encountered in other browsers using the same brightness level so I hope something can be done about it.

And you’re right – I don’t see any difference at all. The tab (in the tab bar) corresponding to the screen I’m currently on shows no distinguishing characteristics from the other tabs.

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Thanks for letting us know. I will run this past the design team next time we meet :slight_smile:

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