Apply theme to private browsing

I use private browsing almost exclusively but I am finding it very difficult to work with the brave colour scheme (Purple on Black??) for the tabs. I cannot tell where each tab is as it blends in to the black background, and I am constantly closing the wrong tabs. This is starting to be a deal breaker for this browser.

We were previously able to apply a theme using an “Experimental” setting, “Apply brand consistency” or something like that, but that has been removed. So, I would like to request that we have either:

  1. The ability to apply a theme to Private Mode.


  1. A sensible default colour scheme with a higher contrast.


This definitely needed! I also use private windows for development and am ALWAYS closing the wrong windows because of this dark purple on black. We really need to be able to add our own color schemes to private windows.

Updated to Version 1.38.109 Chromium: 101.0.4951.41 which claims to have a new private browsing UI??, but the problem is still there. Please do not use dark on dark or just let us apply an alternate theme.