Color theme settings in private window

I was wondering if it is possible that a user can also choose to use the light or dark theme in private windows. The purple color often visually “clash” with a lot a site navbars and layout. A neutral option like light or dark, would be appreciated.

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@the-brave-new-world not yet. Similar logged issue here


+1 for this feature. I take a lot of screenshots as a writer, and it’s alway easiest in private mode. However, Brave’s default private mode colors… well, they aren’t great. Having an option to simply change it would be great. :smile:

Hi, you can gain the ability to apply your Theme to Private Window by Disabling a Flag named “Enable Incognito brand consistency in desktop” through brave://flags.
Hope that helps

Yes the “Enable Incognito brand consistency in desktop” did work. But now its gone in the new releases. Very sad about this… Seems like the coders really want us not to use Private browsing.

@sleepy62 I am unable to locate that setting in the latest version. Can you confirm again?

Unable to locate because it has been removed. Thats the problem.

The problem become apparent when you are having multiple profiles setup, i do. Every private windows will have same colors and themes, regardless it was created from which profile.

If you happen to open the same page on multiple private windows, good luck finding out which is which. Unless you setup window positioning, such as private window from profile #1 on the left screen, and private window from profile #2 on the right screen, but this not scalable, i happen to have 3 different profiles ( might be extreme setup for most people, but i find this very helpful on my daily workflow ), its hard to manage in small screen.

Kinda thinking to install or create some random extension for my usage, that having different icon color, and then expose it to private windows, pin it, every private window of different profile will have different extension icon color, compared to having customized the window decorator and tab color, extension solution far way less than ideal, but its something.

I have a new theory that Google/Chrome has made private browsing deliberately annoying so that fewer people will use it. Also the fact that we cannot default new windows in private mode adds fuel to this theory. the reason they dont want us to use it is because it is more difficult to track user behaviour in private mode. This is an issue for Google being the largest on line advertising company as well as the huge data collectors.