I can't see my assets in my wallet

Hello, I’m using the new Brave Wallet for the first time today.
I wanted to deposit some NOAI and some BAT on it.
I bought those crypto on Kucoin And then Send them to my Brave Wallet by using my adress 0x7f2f9fcB0aE11A6CF83b8cB0188a074ee4329Bc6.

As seen on (https://etherscan.io/) my first transaction went fine (Transaction Hash: 0x85d35f80bf91a78d3fa1248daf5370a6e6ad9cdd64088c4c413b616736fe7227)
And As seen on (https://explorer.kcc.io/) The second one went fine too (Transaction Hash: 0xcb990874ee471cea742e203ee0a79d75b815f57f03eefab1cb1a704049bcba35)

Despite those two transaction went fine I’ve looked everywhere on my Brave Wallet but I can’t find my cryptocurrencies.

Maybe I’ve done something wrong, I’m kind new in the crypto community.
I’d like some help, let me know if you need any other informations.
Thank you.

@Loris Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

Fair warning, I am a newbie too! lol For future reference, you may not want to post your wallet address for privacy and safety. You can edit your post and delete that information but it will still be in the edit history section. I don’t think many people read that though. :laughing:

In Brave Wallet Portfolio view, there is a “Visible Assets” button at the bottom of the page, click that and add BAT and any other asset you want to see in your Portfolio by checking the checkbox to the far right.

Now the next one is the tricky part.

You can add EVM networks in brave://settings/wallet/networks.


Or by adding through chainlist.org per the post below.

KCC Mainnet is listed.

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough to help you with the next part, just providing the information and hoping the information provided is correct. lol You may have experienced adding networks at some point and know exactly what to do! Hopefully, someone else from the community can jump in and help with this.

@Loris For NOIA (it’s not NOAI), since it is over Ethereum network, you just have to add it under Visible assets like Chocoholic said. Unfortunately it is not available by default (so you can’t search it), you will have to Add it as “custom asset”. You can find the details of input field here- https://etherscan.io/token/0xa8c8cfb141a3bb59fea1e2ea6b79b5ecbcd7b6ca

And the BAT you transferred is over KCC network (not Ethereum) so you would have to add KCC network in Brave wallet. Chocoholic has already provided you details on how to add. Through Chainlist, it would be easier.


@Chocoholic @Aman_M Thanks to both of you for your quick answer.
I’ve had already added KCC network to my wallet, I’ve figured out how to do this manually this morning before asking your help. And Etherum network is automatically configured as standard.
The thing I’ve missed was Adding NOAI and BAT as “Custom assets”.

Thanks to your help I managed to do it and now I can see in the Wallet both of my crypto.
My Issue is solved. I’m grateful to you.

And now just a quick question @Chocoholic, I was wondering why posting my wallet adress could be an safety problems ? I’ve read some other forum post this morning and many people was posting their wallet adress. What could be the risk as long as I don’t post my Password or my privacy key ?

Thanks again to both of you.

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Well, this is just my opinion, but it is one more piece of information linking you to personal identification data. Get enough data and anything can happen. I just wouldn’t share my accounts public or private keys.

In my case, especially for public keys, it is more of a privacy issue. It isn’t anyone else’s business but my own what I am doing with what. How much I am receiving/swapping/sending/etc. is my private business and I don’t want anyone else being nosy about it. :wink:

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Challenge accepted :smirk:

LOL Noooooo :rofl:

Of course, nothing much to see in Brave Wallet. You will be disappointed! :joy:

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