Brave wallet holdings gone?

Hi team,
I had some ETH and IMPT (6,6 precisely) in my Brave Wallet, but today I can see that everything is 0 and no balance is showing, like if nothing is loading there. Any help?

@ehquionest have you looked at Activity within your Wallet? If it was moved anywhere, it would show there.

Nothing has you can see…

@ehquionest sorry vanished so long. It helps if you tag people when you reply. I don’t often see notifications unless mentioned, which is why I lost track of your topic.

Guess also let me verify one thing with you, were they both on Ethereum mainnet or did you have them on something else?

Regardless, I’m going to tag over @onyb @jleonard and @Evan123 to see if any of the three might be able to guide you. Unfortunately, I am not too familiar with Wallet.

What version of Brave are you using?

If you are attempting to view a token in your Brave Wallet, you may need to manually add it. If you do not see the IMPT in your Brave Wallet, it will need to be manually added to show up.

This can be done with the Add Custom Assets button at the bottom of this page: brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio/add-asset

You’ll need the contract address of IMPT.

I am using 1.59.117 for macOS. Below is a screenshot of my Brave Wallet…

Just sent you a DM requesting some more info. Thank you!

Can you remind me how to do that as on your profile there is no option for that… (DM)

You should see one in your inbox already.


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