I can't see my asset even the transaction was successful

So i was send some usdt from my binance account to my brave wallet
The transaction was succeed but i dont see any amount of usdt in my wallet
I already tried to add custom accounts usdt to binance network a thousands time but it look like nothing happened
The fund is in the wallet but some reason i can’t see it

Any help guys?
I really need this fund

In brave Wallet make sure that USDT is added in visible assets.

Also make sure you are the latest browser update.

Also you can double check that you have checked all your brave accounts.

Hope this fixes the issue for you.

Thanks for the responds guys ive tried to edit the visible asset but still nothing happened so i export the wallet to trust wallet and ive got my usdt but the thing is i think i get robbed in trust wallet cause someone sent all my funds without i know it

I think i already lost all my funds
And this is the receiver of my funds :

That screenshot doesn’t look like brave Wallet. Are you using a different app ? Metamask ?

Trust wallet
I imported my brave wallet to trust