Send SOL on brave wallet

Hello, i just want to know if it’s possible de send SOL (Solana) to brave wallet? while using BSC or SolanaSC? I actually add Solana manually on the wallet (i can see his market curse). I saw too that there is a Ethereum main network and 5 others test networks. How to be sure that if I send Sol on brave wallet it will be appear? Thank you in advance for your understanding.
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Hi @jujufr, happy to help!

The Solana Network is not yet supported in the Brave Wallet, but is in the works. :slight_smile:

While other EVM networks (BSC, etc…) have wrapped/pegged versions of SOL, (Please be careful) it is not the real network and sending your actual Solana to those networks will cause a loss of funds.


Hello Mr Douglas, so, if I send SOL to brave main network wallet, it’s full lost? Or maybe i can refound my tokens when Solana Network will be supported by Brave wallet? Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

No, you can’t just send your SOL tokens from Solana network to some other EVM compatible network like BSC or FTM. If you do that you will loose your funds. You need to use bridge like or

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There’s no such thing as “brave main network wallet” Brave wallet is just like metamask wallet, for storing your EVM addresses. But brave wallet is much more secure than metamask because your private keys on brave wallet are encrypted and on metamask they didn’t

You can add other EVM compatible chains (such as Binance Smart Chain) from Once added you can add custom tokens for those added networks. If you are sending a token within that network that was added that’s fine and it’ll work.

We’ll have native Solana support by the end of H1, and very possibly sooner.

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