I cannot find the preferences tab anyplace

I am trying to find the preferences tab so I can see the File tab on the top left of the screen. I also would like to manage/customize the icons placed on the desktop screen which I assume also must be in preferences. How do I activate the preferences screen. It is not in settings??

Thanks for reaching out to us.
The top menu bar is no longer available (with the exception of macOS) and nether is the Preferences Menu. Preferences now = Settings.
Other than access the top menu, what else are you trying to do in “preferences”?

Thank you for responding. I am a little confused. Without the top menu bar, where do I do find things like File/print or email link etc. I do not find these in “Settings”. Also, Brave has put some of my bookmarks as icons on the desktop. I like this feature but I don’t know how they got there nor how I can edit/customize them. Thank you

Any option you’d want to use in the menu bar should be present in either the main menu or in the settings themselves.

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Thank you for your reply. I have 2 other questions regarding this:

  1. I still can’t find where to email a link. Before if I was on a website that I wanted to share I would press File>Share>email page link. I cannot find this anywhere on the menu or settings menu.

  2. I am attaching a screenshot of my brave homepage. Brave put bookmark Icons on the page. The red arrow is pointing to them. I am not sure how they got there but I would like to edit/add/remove them. Any idea on how to manage those? Thanks

  1. I actually, surprisingly, don’t see the option to “email” as you’d expect. I’m not entirely sure why the option isn’t present but I don’t see it. There are several extensions that will do this for you, however, available in the web store.
  2. You can remove tiles from the new tab page by clicking the X on the top-right of each tile. Note that these tiles are (for now) auto-populated and you may find yourself having to do this more than once. We are working on NTP features/improvements to address issues like this.

@Mattches prev. Brave (muon) have “Share” menu under File > Share…

Not available/implemented for the new version.

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