I cannot exchange usd coin

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I m using optimism but I cannot exchange at all I tried changing forma iOS to pc but on pc the coin doesn t even show unlike on my iOS device it only shows the other balances I have and it is all on the same wallet which i imported.
What should I do?

Hello! What token are you attempting to exchange? If you don’t see it you may need to add it manually. Instructions below:

Unfortunately i already tried but it shows 0 in the balance I want to use usdc on optimism. And on iOS when I try to exchange or send to other wallet the hash hash doesn t even exist.

Please try using the token details from this page. Note, the token is “usdc.e” for bridged USDC from Ethereum

Token Name: usdc.e
Token Address: 0x7F5c764cBc14f9669B88837ca1490cCa17c31607

Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 7.39.34 AM

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