My balance does not appear

Description of the issue:
I made a transfer of USDC to brave via optimism, and my balance does not appear in my wallet, but when I go to the “portfolio” section and search for USDC I enter the category, below it appears “name of the account to which I made the transfer transfer” and my balance, but it won’t let me use it, does anyone know why?
Is the issue occurring on a specific network?
What operating system are you using:
Windows 11 Pro
Brave Version (check About Brave):
Additional Information:
i need help

You likely need to manually add the correct form of USDC.

Network: Optimism
Token address: 0x0b2C639c533813f4Aa9D7837CAf62653d097Ff85
Token name: USDC (Native)
Token symbol: USDC
Decimals of precision: 6

i see this in “USD Coin” wallet

but when I go to see my balance it shows me 0

What error are you getting when attempting to make a transaction? What do you see? Thanks for confirming

I see this

but when I want to make the exchange it appears like this

I want to make a transfer to a website called “” over the etherum network

You’ll need to add ETH on Optimism in order to make a send or swap. You can learn more here:

but it won’t let me, it tells me insufficient balance

You need to deposit Ethereum on the Optimism network in order to transact. It is required to pay the gas fee.

Part of the issue is you’re not using right terms and understanding. You said you want to do over the Ethereum network but your screenshots show it is Optimism. There is a difference between Optimism and Ethereum.

To move tokens on Ethereum network, you must use ETH from Ethereum network as gas.

To move tokens on Optimism, you must use ETH from Optimism network as gas. If you try to use ETH from Ethereum, it won’t work.

For Bitcoin you need BTC

For tokens on Binance Smart Chain you need BNB

Solana = SOL

Cardano = ADA

The list goes on. Pretty much any network. Whatever network the transaction is occurring on will require the native token of that network to be used for gas.

Your screenshot is advising you do not have enough ETH from Optimism network to fund the transaction.

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