I cannot claim my BAT... PLEASE HELP

I am trying to claim my BAT but it doesn’t let me claim. When I try to claim from here chrome://rewards it just disappear and when I refresh it just didn’t claim. And when I try to claim from top right corner from BAT logo it says “oops, something went wrong, please try again later”. Please help me get my BAT

P.S. I’m trying to upload a video but it doesn’t let me.

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This Problem occurs when there is other OS or Rooted or Google services not running in Android.

My phone is not rooted and other things are working very fine all google services working fine

@Boss19990 Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

It says CTS Profile match FAILED…I don’t know why it’s showing but I never tried to root the device.

If I reinstall the app will I lose my BAT that I earned?

if you Uninstall the app or Clear it’s data in setting then it is not possible to recover BAT,
I guess.

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@Boss19990 it is said that if your device doesn’t pass the safetynet check then is not possible to claim the rewards there.
also check this:

I think @Mattches can provide more details on this matter

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