Multiple Device Rewards Issues

So, im having a few issues.

  1. On my phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G) I am completely unable to claim any rewards. it says i have 3 batches of BAT to claim but when I tap claim it just loads indefinitely. And on top of that I cannot find where to link my wallet. I have it linked on one of my PCs but I cant get it on my phone.

  2. On my second PC I cant claim the BAT either. I try to do that little “prove you’re not a robot” game and drag the icon onto the correct shape but even if I do it perfectly right it still says its incorrect.

So i basically have 2 systems that I am using brave on, and earning BAT, yet I cannot claim any of that BAT on either. I’m sure I’m just missing something simple but some help would be much appreciated.