I can’t saw balance in my Wallet

Hello,I can’t see my sol and all other tokens in the brave Wallet, the balance say 0 but if I Connect it to a dex, then i see everything. How can I fix it, because I can’t send my crypto from the wallet!!

Hello - Can you update to the latest version and let me know if it’s still an issue? Thanks


I have the latest version the Version 1.61.1 ( I run it from an iPad PRO from the brave app.

It load all the time but never show anything

If I search the wallet in solscan.io I can saw the exact amount I have but inside brave wallet show no founds.

Based on the screenshot, it does not look like it had fully loaded yet.


It’s loading all time long but never load anything, remain like in the screenshot

And if i try to send some coin, when i have to choose the account, it stay like in the picture all time long

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